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I have been under the care of Dr. Farida Ali for many years now. And I can say without any hesitation that she is highly professional and very skilled in rendering the dental treatment that I have required during my regular annual checkup and at times emergency appointments. Her pleasant personality and overall warm consideration of her

patient's concerns always puts one at ease. She continues to remain current with the latest developments in her profession and her patients reap the benefits. She is ably assisted by her friendly staff -- Jeanette and Cindy.

-Joseph H.

I had an excellent experience at this office. She is the most understanding and kind dentist I've ever seen. She took the time to make sure she explained everything and did everything she could to keep me pain free. She has responded to an emergency call on a holiday weekend for me as well. She has altered her schedule to fit in my appointment when I could not make it at the scheduled time. She has gone above and beyond for me and I highly recommend her to others. Thank you.

-Tara C.

She is an awesome dentist. I had the most painless root canal experience. I would highly recommend her and refer anyone who is scared to go to a dentist. She is also very friendly and her staff are very polite and helpful.

-Shehre T.

I stress very easily about going to the dentist. Dr. Ali is patient and calm with me. She explains everything to me while she is working on me! I would highly recommend her as a dentist.

-Camille Q.

I have used Dr. Farida Ali since she opened her office in Jackson, NJ. This past week, I had a very serious emergency which could have caused a severe infection throughout my system. Dr. Ali immediately found the problem and corrected it. I am now on my way to a complete recovery. She is extremely knowledgable as is her staff. She is a dedicated medical professional.

-Stella S.

Dr. Farida Ali is a wonderful, progressive dentist and a very fine, kind person. That combination of stellar attributes gives her the right to deserve the high praise and recommendation I offer and I hope she will, ever modest and unassuming, accept it - with my gratitude for the years of excellent dental care she has given me šŸ™‚

-Kathie G.


I pride myself on treating my patients like family, with honesty and integrity, to provide the best dental care possible in a comfortable environment.ā€
- Dr. Farida Ali


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