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Jackson Delta DentistJackson Dentistry of Jackson, New Jersey participates as an in-network Delta Dental Premier provider. As a Delta dentist in Jackson, we will work with Delta to offer you excellent dentistry at an affordable cost. Regular dental check-ups are vital to ensure a healthy and beautiful smile. Jackson dentist, Dr. Farida Ali, makes high quality dental care affordable for you and your family. 

Contact us to schedule your first appointment with our Jackson dentist. We help you answer any questions that your may have about your dental health or dental insurance. As a Delta dentist in Jackson, New Jersey we want you to be informed about your options. We are happy to help you in any way we can, and we will work with you to assist in filing your claims. 

Why Choose a Delta Dental Premier Provider in Jackson? 

Save Money. Our network dentists agree to never balance bill you more than their contracted fee. For example, if you are a PPO enrollee responsible for a 20% coinsurance amount, you pay 20% of your dentist’s contracted fee. Non-Delta Dental Premier dentists can charge you their full fee for their services. 

Pay Less Up Front. Delta Dental pays your dentist directly, and send you a notice explaining your portion of the bill. You pay the dentist only our portion of the services. 

No Expensive and Unnecessary “Unbundling”. Delta Dental ensures you’re never charged extra for your services that should be included in the cost of treatment. For example, when you receive a crown, a Delta Dental dentist cannot charge you additional fees for tooth preparation, local anesthesia, an impression or a temporary crown. 

Quality You Can Count On. Delta Dental dentists are properly licensed and meet accepted standards for cleanliness and safety procedures. Plus, Delta Dental representatives work with dentist offices to keep them updated on policies and network contracting requirements. 

About Our Delta Dental Provider in Jackson, New Jersey

Your dental care experience is fully personalized at Jackson Dental. Dr. Farida Ali will address every question and concern. Your oral health needs, goals, and priorities are the focus of your customized treatment plan. We want to work with you to create the beautiful, healthy smile of your dreams.

Jackson NJ Dentist

I pride myself on treating my patients like family, with honesty and integrity, to provide the best dental care possible in a comfortable environment.”
- Dr. Farida Ali

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